Selling Your Home

We will sell your home for top dollar within your desired timeframe. This is our Valuable Final Product. Our customized suit up market checklist and technologically driven marketing campaigns are proven to yield the highest exposure ratings and least days to contract than traditional methods. Here is a peak at how we suit-up to market and prepare for the sale…

Showroom Staging (aka Suit-Up to Market)

If you want to get the highest possible price for your home, it needs to look the part. It’s ultimately the buyers who determine your home’s value, not you. For this reason, put yourself in your buyers’ mindset to see your home as they do by doing the following

Looking show-room ready can mean “depersonalizing” the spaces in your home as much as possible. Make it easy for potential buyers to imagine their own photos on the walls. This is all but impossible if your family photos are there.

This applies to furniture as well. You may love your taste, but that doesn’t mean everyone else shares your opinion. Almost every home shows better with less furniture unless it is staged. Consider renting a storage unit so that you can store pieces that may block or hinder paths and walkways, along with any super eclectic furniture or art pieces.


Home Inspections

Complete all mayor & minor home repairs. We recommend investing in a licensed home inspection (approximately $300-$800 depending on size of home) to forecast any undetected repairs needed which may crop up during the buyer’s inspection process. This may nuke any reason for them to attempt a ‘renegotiation’ of the sales price or any demands for repairs which may slow the transaction process.

Sparkling Clean

Deep clean. Remember the importance of making your house sparkle! Pay close attention to kitchen, appliances and bathrooms. Wash the windows inside and out. Don’t leave out the exterior…rent a pressure washer for the sidewalks, driveway and exterior walls. Empty out your gutters and tidy up your garage.

Home Improvements

Summarize improvements. If you made important home repairs and improvements over time, prepare a list of completed upgrades along with the amount spent on each. For example, show that you have replaced old windows with energy-efficient ones, added a security system, built an addition and/or renovated your kitchen. This can help buyers appreciate the value of your home when they review a summary of enhancements and their dollar cost.

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